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Recent News

#SelfFestival: After the MBA, mind set to serve the needy

When in the society, when the destitute people see the rate wandering to fill the stomach, do not mind. Keep thinking that doing something good for such people, so that they can also be empowered in their life. In such...


Tata Trust, which came forward to help the flood victims, distributed medicines and relief material in Siddharthnagar

Historical step

Historical step - Now the villagers itself will make plans for its own village

So that can end crisis of Arhar

Siddhartha Nagar The whole country is battling the dal crisis. Less production of pulses has become a national problem. The erosion of farmers in eastern Uttar Pradesh, especially in the cultivation of Arhar, is made from ordinary people's plate.

Production of onion by making nursery beds increases production

Community Journalist: Ajay Chaurasia (30 years) Siddhartha Nagar The month of December to January is the right time for onion cultivation. In such a case, if the farmer imposes onions by making a nursery bed, its production will increase even further..

#Selffestival: women farmers go, how to prepare onion nursery

His market (Basavanpur) Farmers sometimes spend the cost of farming in the absence of information, but they do not get the yield when time comes and they have to be disappointed. In such a situation, the farmers are traditional ...

#SelfFestival: The rural women said, we will dial 100 and 1090

Siddhartha Nagar Today the sight of Basavanpur village was slightly changed, about 15 km from the district headquarters. The women of the village got together and joined the village connection itself to attend a festival festival.

#SelfFestival: Female farmers saw films, new technologies for farming-farming

Siddhartha Nagar The sight of Basavanpur village of its market block in the south direction, some 15 km away from the district headquarters, was a bit different today. The women of the village were present themselves on the occasion of the village connections.